Converting your surplus mechanical or electrical truck into a money-saving retrieval vehicle is simple with Hercules' Tow Attachments. Attach our Tow Hook and operate with the truck's existing hydraulic box-operating cylinders. Your new tow truck with up to 240 tons towing capacity can efficiently bring any crippled vehicles into shop for repair. A provided umbilical cord allows you to supply hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical power into the crippled vehicles' systems, allowing for discharge of load and operation of brakes and lights. No more production delays due to breakdowns.
Tow truck with crippled unit. Tow truck.
Lowbed trailer

Towtruck linedrawing.


Our Tow Truck/Trailer combination is an excellent package designed for performance and economy. It can function as a tow truck that can haul up to 240 tons or as a heavy duty lowbed trailer which can transport equipment up to 300 tons. A real practical combination! Your existing Hercules Tow Attachments can easily be adapted into this Tow Truck/Trailer combination. Give us an inquiry and we will design to meet your needs.